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Valley Integration
A one-stop systems integration solution for a powerful whole
The success of any company is its ability to achieve leadership in a market through quality, innovation and customer service. Whether that’s a company, organization or technology team, you’re only as strong as your knowledge and experience. We can bring together a team of designers, engineers, project managers and IT professionals as a comprehensive entity to integrate your systems to match your requirements and objectives. Valley Integration is a preferred systems integration specialist because of its ability to provide modernized systems that deliver SCADA control and monitoring systems of industrial processes for either on-site or remote locations.
Our clients are big and small including municipalities, cities, towns, private industry, equipment suppliers and contractors who typically require startup and commissioning, training, maintenance and calibration. The main requirement they all have in common is a need for excellent process automation and information solutions in order to manage their demanding processes.
Large projects require the full management, coordination, and integration of multiple, concurrent assignments. All the way from concept through completion, we provide necessary technical and project managment services and support to help our clients meet their program objectives. We act as an extension of our clients’ staff, protecting their interests as our own.
Valley Integration will deliver a comprehensive solution with the following system integration services:
• Automation and System integration
• PLC & SCADA programming
• PLC Migration
• SCADA master planning and maintenance
• Development of SCADA Standard and PCN
• Control Panel - Design and Fabrication
• Instrumentation – Selection, Supply and services
• Networking and Cybersecurity
• Asset Audit and Management
• Project management
• Process optimization solutions
Why Us?
Valley Integration will closely follow good engineering practice (GEP) to ensure our client's needs are met. Our team has many years of combined experience implementing PLC-based SCADA solutions and can provide full project management services, including system planning and analysis, the configuration of hardware and software, programming of PLC’s, communication network integration, and system commissioning and troubleshooting.
To create the best systems integration and IT solutions for you, we will customize to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced engineering team will work with you to get the most out of the system solution being provided and will continue with full ongoing support, including training, to ensure that your system delivers all of your process needs.
Company Pillars
The four main company pillars Valley Integration will strive to achieve, will include leadership, management, command and control. Our focus in ensuring we succeed in this incredibly challenging and complex business will require the company to strictly follow these pillars as we develop our business and while working with our clients to solve their process system integration requirements.
● Leadership – drives the interpersonal aspects of a successful organization, including team communication, moral and spirit.
● Management – deals with the conceptual aspects of a successful company, including planning, budgeting and organization.
● Command – guides and drives the organization with effective visions.
● Control – provides the structure to the organization to make it effective and efficient.
We are striving to become one of the leading systems integration specialists across Canada. To make that happen, we’ve made a commitment to our clients that our services will support them every step of the way along with providing a superior product. We know that with this planned growth we will need to be in it for the long haul, and we promise our clients they can count on us to be around for them long into the future. Becoming a leading organization in this field will only be achievable for us with the four main pillars in place. Along with the main pillars, we will strive to achieve these additional values throughout our entire operations:
● Focus on customer service – our clients make our company what is, and what it will be in the future.
● Listen and learn from our clients – our clients know what they want; we just need to provide the solution.
● Grow as a leader – continue to focus on new technologies, innovations, and service needs.
● Take control of the process challenges - leveraging our knowledge, expertise, partners, and clients to produce a quality solution.
Our vision of success is to be a company known for best understanding and satisfying our client’s needs when completing systems integration for the water and wastewater, food and beverages, oil and gas and power industries. Their success is our success.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the best service experience available to our clients while ensuring the highest standard of safety, quality and customer service. Our promise to you is to attempt in every way possible to:
● Use our technical expertise combined with high creativity and determination to produce quality work.
● To provide superior industrial and maintenance services with complete client satisfaction.
● Upholding and attempting to exceed our standards of safety, quality and productivity.
● Maintaining our vision that our client’s success is our success.
Having a set of guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that lead our employees and help to allow them to function together as a team and work to a common business goal is essential. At Valley Integration business and customer relationships are essential as well as growth, as the success of the company continues to be strong.
Below are the core values that we continue to promote to our employees:
● Loyalty – Our customers and their satisfaction are our main focus.
● Trust – We will provide our promise to do our absolute best.
● Respect – We will do everything in our power to gain your respect and provide the same in return.
● Reliability – We will be there for our clients, whenever the need arises.
● Ingenuity – We will continue to strive to find new ways to continually improve.
● Accountability – We will continue to accept responsibility for our actions and use these actions to continually improve.
● Wisdom – The sum of all previous values. Wisdom is experience. We should all strive to be wiser each day!

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A one-stop systems integration solution for a powerful whole.
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