Meet Our Stellar Team: The Brains Behind Our Success
Their devotion and commitment to attaining the company's vision inspires us to surpass expectations and provide unparalleled solutions to our clients
Dhaval Patel - Engineering Manager
Leading the Way in Engineering Excellence at Valley Integration.
Meet Dhaval Patel, an accomplished engineer, boasting a remarkable career trajectory exceeding 15 years, predominantly focused on Instrumentation and Control within a diverse array of sectors, including water and wastewater, petrochemicals, and food and beverages.
Throughout his professional journey, Mr. Patel has honed his skills in Control Panel Design, PLC/SCADA Programming, and Instrumentation, emerging as a stalwart in these domains. His extensive expertise underscores his capacity to provide innovative and dependable solutions to intricate engineering dilemmas, ensuring optimal outcomes. Renowned for his unwavering work ethic, meticulous attention to detail, and steadfast commitment to excellence, Mr. Patel consistently surpasses expectations, cementing his reputation as a trusted industry leader.
Eugenio Duarte - Automation Manager
Spearheading Automation Innovation at Valley Integration
Meet Eugenio Duarte, our Automation Manager with 15+ years of experience in control system automation. He provides impactful solutions tailored to the challenges of the water and wastewater industry. Eugenio holds certifications in PLC and HMI programming and is proficient in software platforms like Studio5000, RSLogix, Proficy iFIX, Wonderware Intouch, Edge and System platforms. He has played a pivotal role in developing SCADA systems & Standards for water treatment plants and biosolids management facilities in various Cities and Municipal clients. Eugenio's proficiency in PLC and HMI programming ensures that our clients receive reliable and efficient solutions. Leverage his experience to drive innovation and success in your water and wastewater projects.
Jashanpreet Kaur Bhinder - Estimation and
Project Management Lead
Setting the Standard in Estimation and Project Management Leadership
Meet Jashanpreet Kaur Bhinder, an accomplished Project Manager and Lead Estimator at Valley Integration Inc. With over 10 years of experience and a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jashanpreet brings a wealth of expertise to our team. She plays a pivotal role in leading estimation and project teams, overseeing various projects in the water and wastewater industry. Leveraging her background, Jashanpreet has made significant contributions to numerous projects in the water and wastewater industry, ensuring their successful execution and adherence to industry standards. Her meticulous approach and leadership skills have not only streamlined project workflows but also fostered a culture of excellence within our organization. Jashanpreet's unwavering commitment to seamless project delivery and client satisfaction makes her an invaluable asset to our team, driving innovation and excellence in every endeavor.
Badri Srinivasan - Sales and Marketing
Driving Business Growth: Sales Leadership and Business Development Excellence at Valley Integration.
Meet Badri Srinivasan, our Sales and Marketing Leader with over a decade of experience in the Automation industry. Badri holds a bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering and an MBA in Project Management, providing him with a solid foundation for his role. With extensive experience at companies like Carrier Corporation, Chubb Systems (API Group), and Siemens Ltd., Badri has honed his skills in Sales and Marketing, Pre-Sales, and Supply Chain Management. At Valley Integration, Badri leverages his expertise to drive sales success, focusing on Instrumentation and Control products vital to the water and wastewater sector. His proactive approach in identifying market opportunities and developing strategic partnerships has been instrumental in expanding our presence in the industry. Badri's ability to analyze client requirements, generate competitive proposals, and foster strong customer relationships underscores his commitment to delivering value to our clients in the water and wastewater domain. With his wealth of experience and technical acumen, Badri significantly contributes to our sales, spearheading innovation and fostering growth in all pursuits.
We rely on advanced technology to deliver Engineering and Automation projects to our customers. Technology speeds schedules, lower costs, and ensures quality. Our colleagues perform increasingly complex design work, and advance technology enables them to work collaboratively in virtual environments around Canada and USA.
Valley Integration Team focuses on thoroughly understanding the project's needs, desired outcomes and executing the comprehensive solution to precision.
Below are the values that we run deep into every facet of Valley Integration:
● Complete customer satisfaction
● Continuous improvement
● Dynamic culture
● Employee first
● Accountability
● Collaborative approach
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